Quality Assurance and Safety


We respect the confidence that our clients and partners place in us and the products we make. That’s why we do our best to earn that confidence every day.

Through the continuing education and development of our employees and the investments we make in our infrastructure, we are dedicated to improving ourselves and our environment.

We have implemented a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) throughout the organization to ensure the highest quality products and services. In our Newfoundland Branch (Paradise, NL) the QMS is ISO 9001:2008 Registered and is fully integrated into everything we do from contract management and design to all aspects of production, testing and ongoing service provisions. To ensure that everything we do meets or exceeds industry standards, we have a Certified Quality Assurance (CQA) Manager on staff to promote and foster a corporate culture geared toward the high standards our customers have come to expect from us !

Continuous improvement is integrated into our corporate culture. In that regard, we analyze information collected from within the organization and from external sources to improve our processes and product offerings. We value the input of our customers. In fact, we consider this input as a critical and essential factor in the improvement process. Our customers have placed their confidence in us – and we take that very seriously.


TRC’s greatest resource is our people. Without their talent and dedication, we could not serve our customers, so we make every effort to ensure their safety.






Health and Safety Program

We have implemented a comprehensive health and safety program to ensure that safety is given priority no matter where our people are. Not only does our health and safety program adhere to all provincial regulations, but it also adheres to those of our customers with respect to work performed external to our facilities.

Third-Party Audit

In addition to external compliance audits conducted periodically by the provincial bodies, we also carry out regular internal audits and inspections within the workplace and have enlisted an outside third-party agency – Access Safety – to carry out independent assessments of our ongoing adherence to our health and safety policies and procedures.