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Project types

Equipment types

Replacement and rebuilding of hydraulic components TRC-APVM high-pressure chamber
System modernization Automated fish feeders
Custom manufacturing Deck cranes
On-site installations Net reels
Steering control systems Loading barges
Project management Salmon barges
Scientific experimental vessels
Complete power units

TRC Aqua Pressure Vessel


A portable, large-capacity, electric/hydraulic apparatus for the sterilization of fish eggs.

Used throughout the world, the TRC-APVM is a unique stainless steel device that, via pressure shock, allows for the controlled induction of triploidy in fish eggs. Currently, TRC-APVM units are in use in Canada, United States, Chile, Poland, Russia and Ireland.

Along with various other aquaculture applications, the TRC-APVM is used by producers around the world to produce triploid, or sterile, non-maturing fish. The process works with brook trout, rainbow trout, Arctic char, Atlantic salmon and other species of fish.

TRC APVM                                       NEW TRC-APV 6.0