Potash, salt, gypsum, iron or zinc – whatever you’re mining niche, TRC Hydraulics offers many years of experience and innovation which we will put to work for you in creating efficiencies and reducing downtime.

Our experienced team of professionals can help you conceive, plan, implement and manage the right solution for your needs if you need to innovate, troubleshoot, test, repair or upgrade – from drills to conveyors, from loaders to trams, and more.

Project types

Equipment types

Cylinder repairs Drills
Electric controls and logic design Conveyors and mobile conveyors
Electric components Cutter head gear boxes
Complete gathering arm rebuilding Underground loaders
Cutter head rebuilding Rock bolters
Change over from electric-driven conveyors Rock breakers
Manufacturing feeder breakers Alpine miners
Custom mining equipment design Loaders
Preventive gear box maintenance Scoop trams
Ship unloaders
Feeder breakers
Belt clusters
and more…