Oil and Gas / Offshore


On or offshore, from derricks to semi-submersibles, jack rigs to supply vessels, TRC Hydraulics takes great pride in offering the responsive, knowledgeable and mobile service our customers need to keep their equipment and job site productive – and profitable.

Our experienced team of professionals can help you conceive, plan, implement and manage the right solution for your needs, whether you need to innovate, troubleshoot, test, repair or upgrade.

We also offer 24/7 emergency service. Our certified personnel have both sour gas and basic survival training (BST).

Project types

Equipment types

Custom design
System modernizing
Project management
Refitting and upgrading
Tubing and commissioning
Hydrostatic testing to Lloyd’s certifications
Hot oil flushing
Cylinder manufacturing
Offshore Land-based
Ballast control systems Drill rigs (derrick platforms)
Deck crane systems Top drives
Platform drills Manifolds
Winches Platform drills
Manifolds Winches
Motion compensation systems Drill floor hydraulics
Mooring systems Power units
Drill floor hydraulics
Sub-sea hydraulics
Power units
Supply vessels
BOP carts