Design and Manufacturing

We conceive, design and custom build fluid-power systems for the most challenging industries and environments imaginable. You can depend on TRC Hydraulics to exceed your toughest requirements when performance and reliability are really needed – whether it’s for in-house or satellite location needs

Our skilled team of technicians, engineers and specialists work in our advanced fabrication facilities combine to conceive, design, develop, test and manufacture any component or equipment you need to get the job done.

  • CAD/CAM and SolidWorks system design
  • Engineering services
  • Electrical controls and logic design
  • Commissioning
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Complete system design
  • Custom manifold design
  • Custom hydraulic power unit design


To maintain optimal productivity and keep ahead of competition, your equipment and staff need to be constantly up to date. Outdated equipment can have major negative repercussions not only on the bottom line but also on personal safety. Advancements in technology, material and costs can all have positive effects on performance if adopted at the right time.

We can maintain, evaluate and modernize your existing equipment by tailoring it to your current needs. Our many manufacturers provide us access to factory training and engineering, meaning better results and improved profitability for our customer.

  • Pressure testing and flushing
  • Hydraulic system refitting for speed/production increases
  • Total systems integration
  • Upgrading electronic controls to next generation
  • Installations and start-up


Service and repair


It goes without saying that equipment downtime needs to be minimized. We treat your project as if it were our own by ensuring the fastest service/repair turnaround possible. Whether it be for a regular repair or emergency service, we are trained and fully equipped to provide you with the fluid power solution you require.

  • In-house service
  • 24/7 emergency/field service
  • Routine pick-up and delivery service
  • Strip cladding and wear surface repair
  • Stress relieving for repair services
  • Recertification for booms and aerial devices
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mobile repair services

Project management

In an effort to reduce or avoid costly downtime, we offer custom project management and testing programs that ensure your equipment operates the way it should, when it should.

  • Comprehensive project management, including commissioning and standard compliance
  • Structure periodic testing and preventative maintenance programs for hydraulic presses, cranes, boom trucks, loaders, excavators, marine equipment and more.
  • Provide computerized reports for pump tests
  • Functional testing of cylinders, valves, motors, etc.
  • Maintain parts and component inventory for customers