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As of February 2019, TRC Hydraulics has expanded and we are pleased to introduce TRC Hydraulics USA to the southeastern US market. TRC is a technologically advanced distributor of hydraulic products in Atlantic Canada and this expansion will allow the company to grow into a larger, more diverse market. With operations based in Spartanburg, SC, we are currently working with tire processing plant industry leaders in the region. Our work consists of hydraulic system design, manufacturing, repair & distribution of specialized tire press components. The same quality of work & customer service shown in Atlantic Canada for over 30 years has allowed us to transition into the market segment with great success.
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TRC has earned the right to represent some of the finest hydraulic equipment manufacturers in the world. Today, we are the largest and most technologically advanced distributor of hydraulic products in Atlantic Canada and the authorized dealer (for more than three decades) of the world’s best-known brands.
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We design custom fluid-power systems for the most challenging industries and environments imaginable, exceeding your toughest requirements when performance and reliability are really needed. Our skilled team of technicians, engineers and specialists work in our advanced fabrication facilities to get the job done. And, we'll keep you ahead of the curve with recommendations to modernize your existing equipment for better results and improved profitability.
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